Island of Chiloé

This excursion allows us to visit the northern part of the Island of Chiloé and the Gulf of Ancud. We can know the history, its strengths, customs and legends. After sailing the Chacao Channel for 30 minutes and observing a great variety of birds and sea lions, we will arrive to the village of the same name to visit its church and observe this beautiful place with its wooden houses and very colorful. We will continue our trip to the town of Caulín, a cove dedicated to the extraction of seafood, seaweed and oyster farming, this place is also privileged by the large number of migratory birds that arrive at the place. We will travel towards the south west side on the coast of the island of Chiloé until we reach some small islands in the Pacific Ocean where there lives a colony of Humboldt and Magellanic penguins which can be seen in the summer season, from November to March. This is the only place in the Pacific where these species meet, since they migrate in the summer season. Our visit to the island will end with a lunch in the city of Ancud, then return to the continent.